About Us

Urgently need to write an essay, term paper, or diploma, but have absolutely no ideas how to do that? If the deadline is close – do not despair! You no longer need to pore over the text on your own, forgetting about sleep and rest. Turn to SensingCity – a student writing center that will provide you with consultations from the best writers of the US.

The team of tutors consists of  experienced teachers who thoroughly know all the nuances of writing and orhanizing  student work. Each author is also well acquainted with plagiarism verification systems used in  universities. Therefore, SensingCity College Writing Center guarantees that after some lessons, your papers would be of high quality  with 100% uniqueness of all written texts. 

Our specialists have helped more than 100,000  students. Diplomas, coursework, essays, dissertations, and practice reports created with the help of trained consultants have been successfully delivered in dozens of US universities.

Here is what you get after consultations:

  • You will be taught how to complete any written task in a matter of hours  (3-4 hours for essays and reports, 1 day – for term papers and diplomas.
  • You will master different writing skills required in the future writing jobs
  • you will  find out how to produce 100% quality texts. After consultations, you will forget what edits, corrections, and bad marks are. 
  • Immediate acceptance of the work by the teacher will be a routine.
  • Always in touch – service specialists will promptly answer questions and  help you choose an author or a tutor.
  • Our employees foster in students a greater consciousness of their thinking and writing .

The writing center is staffed by trained teachers who conduct individual conferences for students working on any written assignment. You do not need to have a ready-made document to come to the conference. You can come up with ideas, notes, or a draft.