Megacities try to track carbon

On The Press there was an interesting article that covered how cities around the world are trying to become more sustainable.  One paragraph resonated strongly, and reinforces the fact that Christchurch has a golden opportunity to become the world’s first Sensing City:

It’s impractical to blanket the city with instruments so scientists rely on a handful of sensors and use computer models to work backward to determine the sources of the emissions and whether they’re increasing. They won’t be able to zero in on an offending street or a landfill, but they hope to be able to tell whether switching buses from diesel to alternative fuel has made a dent.

Right now in Christchurch it’s actually incredible viable to blanket the city with instruments, and to do so at a granular detail.  The full text of the article is here and there’s further information about the MegaCities Carbon project here.

A key element of the Megacities Carbon Project is JPLs California Laboratory for Atmospheric Remote Sensing (CLARS) on Mt. Wilson overlooking the Los Angeles basin. Observations from CLARS are used to quantify the emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants in LA, and to test new approaches for global measurements from satellites.

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