McKinsey reports on technology trends – the rise of sensors

One of the reasons why Sensing City is possible and timely is that certain technology trends are starting to converge.  The rise of big data and pervasive connectivity are two of the supporting technologies, but at the core of the concept is the changing power, cost and size of sensors.  In a recent report McKinsey identified the Internet of All Things as one of the most significant technology trends for the decade ahead.  To give an idea if what’s now possible, the report outlined the example of what FedEx is doing:

Through FedEx’s SenseAware program, for example, customers place a small device the size of a mobile phone into packages. The device includes a global positioning system, as well as sensors to monitor temperature, light, humidity, barometric pressure, and more—critical to some biological products and sensitive electronics. The customer knows continuously not only where a product is but also whether ambient conditions have changed. These new data-rich renditions of radio-frequency-identification (RFID) tags have major implications for companies managing complex supply chains.

For Sensing City we’re looking at similar sensor capabilities, but across the entire city.

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